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Black Cami and Knicker Gift Box Set

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We love that Bamboo feeling. There's something about comfortable clothes that lifts your mood and makes you happy!

Designed to be worn with or without a bra, the double fabric layer in the bust just helps you stay supported if your lounging round the house without a bra...

Bamboo Facts:

- Bamboo lets your skin breath so you feel fresher for longer, It keeps you warm in winter & cool in summer. 

- Its the fastest growing grass in the World, it yields x10 more & x20 times less water than cotton. It also produces 35% more oxygen than trees.

Washing Instructions:

- Our bamboo is easy going & washes well.

What's your Knickers are Made from:

Fabric - 95% Bamboo Viscose 5% Elastane, Made in China

Lace - Made in Nottingham Poly/Nylon/Elastane mix

Heart Button - Made from Coconut Shells in China

Packaging - All Recycled Material, Made in UK

Labels - Made in UK - Polyester