Q&A with Lottie on Clergywear

We get alot of questions about our clergywear so I've put together a 'Questions and Answers' of the most frequently asked questions we get.

What are your order times? Our leadtimes can be found in our Delivery Information. We normally aim to get things out within 3-4 weeks and you'll recieve an email to notify you that we have shipped your items.

What is your sizing like, I'm not sure if I would be a size 14 or a 16? You can find all of ours top measurements in each garment, these are in inches from a flat garment (you can then compare these to other tops you like the fit of at home). I would say our sizing is a loose fit. 

How do I know what my collar size is? Your neck size is the measurement in inches around the bottom of your neck, you will then need to add 1inch to your next measurement to get your collar measurement. e.g. If your neck measures 14" your collar size would be 15". It really pays to take your time on your collar size as it fits so close to your neck it will be very noticeable to you if it's slighly too big or small.

I am very tall and don't want the top to be too short? You can customise a tops length specific to your needs if your a petite or tall person. For example we add 3inches in the body length for a taller person and we also have an option to make the sleeves longer if needed.

Can I exchange my top if it's the wrong size? As all of our tops are custom made to your requirements, so unfortunately we cannot offer an exchange unless there was a mistake with your order. However, if you have made a mistake on the collar sizing we do offer an adjustment service to fix smaller errors at a small charge. 

How can I try your tops on before I buy? If your living in the UK, you can either find us at a clerical event, Clerical Fayres we're attending this year. Or you can book a fitting in our Worcestershire shop, fittings can be booked via our Contact Form

Could you do a tonsure collar version? Yes we have a version for this, you will need to buy an detachable tonsure collar and studs from another supplier, see below link for suggested supplier. We can make your top with button holes in the front and back of the collar to put studs in to attach the collar. So you choose any style we do it black and ask for the 'tonsure version' in the comments at checkout.