Bamboo Wash Care

Being environmentally conscious we advise a cold wash 30-40c and hung to dry.

Interestingly for such a soft feeling fabric, when bamboo gets wet it becomes very strong and stiff as it retains water unlike polyesters. For this reason, I hang my bamboo on the outside of my clothes rail or the prime drying spot as it does take a little longer to dry. Our summer weight will dry slightly faster due to the lighter weight.

If you wish to iron, iron inside out, it really likes steam but generally if left hung to dry you won't need to iron. 

Bamboo fibre will fluff up and become softer over time making it even more comfortable to wear.

"I've been wearing mine for over 4 years and I'm still in love" This fact is important to me, as if you can wear an item of clothing 50 times instead of the average 5 you reduce the average carbon emissions of your clothing item by 400% 💚🌍

If you do get some pilling balls, these can easily be removed with an old shaver, just scarp a flat fabric in small motions being careful not the damage the knit. I have also seen that natural fibres can also hold moisture so if you put oil or moisturizer on your body or deodorants, either avoid contact until your fully dry or increase washing detergent, you will need to break those oils down with a good wash. If you have heavy water like we do an extra eco strip is required.

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Our story

We started sewing with bamboo in 2015 and we haven't looked back. It's the most wonderfully soft fabric to sew, we love it and we're so glad our customers love wearing our pieces again and again.

lotties eco family owned business

We're a family owned small business, passionate about sewing, so we sew all our pieces from start to finish with our small team of talented people right here in the Worcestershire countryside.

"We can make anything from bamboo, I used to go round saying. I'm a lingerie designer so I started making knickers and now we make vicars tops as well. So yes, now we make knickers and things for vicars"


Lottie x