Bamboo Wash Care

Being environmentally conscious we advise a cold wash 30c and hung to dry.

Interestingly for such a soft feeling fabric, when bamboo gets wet it becomes very strong and stiff as it retains water unlike polyesters. For this reason I hang my bamboo on the outside of my clothes rail or the prime drying spot as it does take a little longer to dry. 

If you wish to iron, iron inside out, it really likes steam but generally if left hung to dry you won't need to iron. 

Bamboo fibre will fluff up and become softer over time, it doesn't get those little fuzzy bubbles as fast as cotton.

I've been wearing mine for over 4 years and I'm still in love, it really does stand the test of time. This fact is important to me, as if you can wear an item of clothing 50 times instead of the average 5 you reduce the average carbon emissions of your clothing item by 400% 💚🌍