Clergy Size Guide

I would say that the fit on our classic pieces, are NOT skin tight, close fitting garments. They have some room in, so generally I find if you pick the dress size you would normally wear, you're going to be on the right track.

(If this is the first time ordering with us and you're not 100% sure, we advise to order one top and if you have problems we will take the return)

You can find measurements for each style in the style description, the measurements are the measurements of the tops. So to get the fit right for you, find a stretch top you like & compare to the measurement chart of each style.
(Please don't measure your body as it's likely you're top size will come up too big for you, ALL measurements are stretch top measurements, NOT BODY measurements)
Collar Sizing:
You will need to measure your neck with a tape measure to get your collar size right. Collar sizing is in inches, we recommend measuring your physical neck at the bottom (this is a tight measurement, make sure no other clothing is obstructing the tape measure) & adding an inch for fit (e.g my neck measures 13" so I would order a 14" collar size). For example if you find your neck measures 13.5" and you need 1/2 inch sizes you can order the closest neck size & leave us a comment in the box at checkout "comment to seller" for the extra 1/2 inch. For more casual outer tops you don't plan to wear under things you could add 2 inches to your physical neck size for a more relaxed fit.
If you don't like the idea of heart buttons at the back neck closure you can ask us for rounded buttons or back fully closed. (Back fully closed is a plain back, no buttons)
Please also note don't be too worried about doing and undoing the button and loops at your back neck, we do find a lot of the clergy can just stretch the tops over their heads without having to undo the buttons.
Style advise:
See below I have drawn some basic outlines of our different styles with style names so you can get an idea of the different shapes we make. (we do also make a basic men's t-shirt and long sleeved top)


All our classic pieces croptop, bib, sleeveless top, t-shirt and sleeved top are all based off the same pattern, so all very similar sisters.

-The bib is used more by part-time clergy, if find yourself having to change roles on the go. It allows the buttons at the side to come undone and can be slipped over the head without removing any other cloths.

-The croptop however is a better fit than the bib for more full time roles, as the elastic will hold the top in place. This style is used for layering underneath your current clothing and we find this is be our most popular style.

- The sleeveless top is our classic first piece, I prefer this style as I am a cold kind of a person so I am always wearing thermal layers.

- The T-shirt and sleeved tops are sleeved variations of our classic, the sleeve seam is dropped slightly compared to the sleeveless top to aid room at the armpit.

-The tunic is what we call a 'v' shape being bigger at the top and fitted on the hips. It also has a sleeve seem that drops off the shoulder which gives a lot more breathing room in the chest area. (be advised the summer tunic has a wide dropped sleeve finish so lifting your arm could expose your bra at the side, in summer this does provide fantastic ventilation, but we can close the arm up an inch for you if needed)

-The A-line is much fuller and looser at the hips, I find fuller figured customers prefer this style. It also has a longer back than the front for extra bum coverage.


Below is a list of alterations you can make to any of our tops if you leave us a comment when ordering in our 'comment to seller' box at checkout. All of these alterations are free of charge (this will automatically attach a note to your order, please note this will not appear on your email order confirmation but we do get your comments if you leave them)

You can comment at checkout to:

- Add 1/2 an inch to the standard neck size.

- Have rounded buttons instead of heart buttons

- Have a fully closed back neck with no buttons or back opening

- Add an inch to the shoulders length for broad shoulders

- Add up to 3" in top length for taller people or likewise take length of for shorter people.

- Add full length sleeves to the sleeved top, winter tunic or a-line. You can advise a measurement if you prefer or just tell us you would like full length sleeved and we'll use our standard measurement.

If you can't find the size or information your looking for please do get in touch and we'll answer you questions.