Our story...

We have been sewing in the Worcestershire countryside, since 2015. We believe comfort is key, so we sew with the softest bamboo that washes and wears like it's built to last.


Lotties Eco has been created by myself Lottie who runs a team of wonderful people with my husband Geoff. You can be comforted in the knowledge that our team in the UK are making the garments we sell, we are investing in sustainable manufacturing that helps people and the planet. I have a degree in Contour Fashion from DeMontfort University and have worked in factories in Mauritius and South Africa for a number of years before starting my own small business at 30.


Seven years on we're right here sewing at Mill Farm country retail, where we produce our pieces from start to finish, ready to send to their new home in our recyclable packaging. We simply buy fabric and hold it until we have a want for it, so much waste is created by fashion that doesn't sell.


The main thing I have learned during my 10yrs in lingerie is that we use too much polyester and nylon, most bras are fully synthetic so I wanted to challenge this, it's something we're still working on today. 💚


Our bamboo is a viscose that has been made with a closed-loop proceed, which means all waste stays within the factory, for more information on our bamboo, CLICK HERE


Apart from our sew-in branding and size label, we don't use single-use swing tags or invoices. Or any lengthy washing instructions sewn-in which we feel takes away from comfort and having to deal with single-use waste. Keeping it simple is our aim. For washing instructions CLICK HERE

We throw very little cutting waste away, rather choosing to reuse in smaller items like our reusable make-up wipes.