Family Owned

Here at Lotties Eco, we're very family-based, Lotties Eco came to life because of family. I (Lottie) and Geoff, my Husband, moved from South Africa to start a family in the Worcestershire countryside, where I was born and grew up.

A decade on, we are partners in the business we now run from Mill Farm Country retail, even employing one of my cousins full time. We also have had the opportunity to welcome a few more wonderful team members on board in the past years, which we are so grateful to have with us.

We have a gorgeous son, three fur babies and many plant babies. I am so grateful that we now manufacture at the same farm where I have memories of being on my grandparent's farm, the farm now run by my cousin Ben and his family, third-generation farmers. At first, I did have my doubts that it was possible to run a fashion business in the countryside, but we have kept it local and grown slowly into what we are today.

If you are wondering where my creativity comes from, my mum used to be a wedding dressmaker and stay-at-home mum and is still a very crafty person today. My dad did not become a farmer, but a self-employed engineer, so I feel this is where I get my fashion/engineering side. Having an engineer as a dad has been great, such as when I need custom-made cutting and sewing tables. Thanks, Dad!

My family has also been by my side every step of the way. I was lucky enough to inherit some money from my Grandmother, which was a great help when we started the business. Interestingly she lent my dad money to buy tools when he started his businesses many years ago.

I hope that gives you a better idea of us. I'm not saying it has been easy, there will always be challenges, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We love that our jobs allow us to be parents too.

Appreciate you,
Lottie x

Our story

We started sewing with bamboo in 2015 and we haven't looked back. It's the most wonderfully soft fabric to sew, we love it and we're so glad our customers love wearing our pieces again and again.

lotties eco family owned business

We're a family owned small business, passionate about sewing, so we sew all our pieces from start to finish with our small team of talented people right here in the Worcestershire countryside.

"We can make anything from bamboo, I used to go round saying. I'm a lingerie designer so I started making knickers and now we make vicars tops as well. So yes, now we make knickers and things for vicars"


Lottie x