Responsible Manufacturing

We sew right here in our UK-based workshop, enabling us to pay everyone in the manufacturing process a fair wage. If you were to research factory worker wages across the world, the average wages for machinists are sometimes ok for the countries they are in but not a living wage. As a comparison, average wages in China are around £3/per hour which is good as wages in other less lawful countries can be anything from $25-150/per month.

The wages we pay are among the highest in the world (over minimum wage-UK), which is a good thing. It means our machinists are highly valued and make up a large part of the cost of our garments. It sounds like it should be usual practice, right? Unfortunately not, a factory's wage could be as little as 10% of a garment, and that's the factory, not the actual person sitting at the machine.

Although there are different ways of sewing, for example, a large majority of factories have less skilled workers on a machine doing the same process in a production line for hours at a time. It may help them get loads of garments made in a shorter time, but I imagine it would be a bit boring for the person to sit in the same place for long hours.

We do a variety of processes from day to day, but we do them from start to finish in a variety of sizes, styles and colours. It's such a rewarding feeling seeing something you have made from start to finish. Our team is also involved in the design of new garments, which we love to be able to do with them.

Our story

We started sewing with bamboo in 2015 and we haven't looked back. It's the most wonderfully soft fabric to sew, we love it and we're so glad our customers love wearing our pieces again and again.

lotties eco family owned business

We're a family owned small business, passionate about sewing, so we sew all our pieces from start to finish with our small team of talented people right here in the Worcestershire countryside.

"We can make anything from bamboo, I used to go round saying. I'm a lingerie designer so I started making knickers and now we make vicars tops as well. So yes, now we make knickers and things for vicars"


Lottie x