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Himalaya Salt Soap

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Fresh, Invigorating + Addictive

This soap leaves your skin feeling amazing. Great for a morning shower to awaken the senses and also brilliant for cleansing the face. This is one of our most popular soaps and once you’ve tried it, you’ll see why.

This soap contains Himalayan Pink Saltto provide a gentle exfoliation. Salt has long been used in daily skin care routines, but with Himalayan salt's 84 minerals it's not just good for use in the kitchen! We've added in a healthy dose of Organic Shea Butter, to nourish and moisturise, and refreshing Peppermintand Eucalyptus essential oil to clear the sinuses and invigorate the senses. 

Please be aware that this bar does contain salt granules. Although these are fine grade, they can be uncomfortable for some people if too much pressure is applied. 

This Bar has been formulated by Wild Sage & Co. a lovely cottage industry soap maker called Julie just down the road from us in Hereford.