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Dress Top - 3/4 Sleeves

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Ahh that Bamboo feeling...the cats out the bag guys! Pulped down, this natural fiber is very strong and soft. Great for sexy dresses or lounging tops. Perfect for summertime, no more sweating in Polyester! 😍 

I just love bamboo because it lasts longer, therefore, you can wash it less! I've worn my tops for 3 days, extreme testing!! Cotton, I can literally only manage one day before I feel like I stink!

And if that's not enough:

- Bamboo fabric has a luxury soft feel next to the skin. Because it's of natural origin, it lets your skin breath, which makes it ideal for sports and especially yoga!

- It will also keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. 

- It's the fastest growing grass in the world, it yeilds 10 times more per acre than cotton and uses 20 times less water. It also produces 35% more oxygen than trees.

And....it's purely just made from:

Fabric: 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Elastane, Made in China

Packaging: All Recycled Material, Made in UK

Labels: Made in UK - Polyester

Produced: Right here in the UK too! Yay!