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Menstrual & leak pads - new arrival..so I'm really exciting about these creations. I wanted to find a home for my off cuts that were too small for knickers...a lovely lady in Malvern,Worcestershire has made these for me, she's a reusable menstrual creations pro.

I feel like we spend too much money on the things we throw away..there's got to be a better way?

We spend an average of £128/per year on our periods, if you start small, buy one, use 2-3 less disposables a day. These last 200washes, if washed twice a month they would last 8yrs. In theory thats a saving of £120/per year over 8yrs.

Did you know that the average disposable pad holds just 20ml of liquid? Our Mini-8" holds upto 40ml. Medium 8"-80ml - Large 11"-150ml.

How to wash-

Your pads will need 2-3 washes before the organic bamboo fibres "fluff up" enabling them to become very absorbent. They will become more absorbent the more they are washed.

The pads can be washed at 40 or 60 degrees with your usual detergent. Harsh products such as vinegar, or household bleach could damage the materials and fabric conditioner should be avoided as it reduces absorbency. We recommend line drying your pads but they can be tumble-dried on low heat if required. To retain their shape and length, give them a gentle tug when damp and flatten before drying. Repeated tumble-drying, or drying on high heat, could shorten their lifespan. Bamboo can also be damaged by direct heat.

How to wear-

To wear your pad, place the grey side down against your underwear with the longer end at the front, then fold the wings round the gusset and snap together underneath. There are two size settings to suit different widths of gusset and you can adjust the position of the pad by sliding it forward or back once you have pulled up your underwear. Do not soak your pads for more than an hour or two as this may damage the materials or reduce their 

Made from:

Fabric - 95% Bamboo Viscose 5% Elastane, Made in China + special leakproof liner & charcoal deodorizer fleece.

Packaging - All Recycled Material, Made in UK

Labels - Made in UK - 50% recycled Polyester